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Kids Ear Defenders / Baby Ear Muffs (12 months +)

Kids Ear Defenders / Baby Ear Muffs (12 months +)

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EU 2016/425 Tested.  Reducing sound volume by 25.8 dBs

Easy to wear earmuffs are designed to protect children from harmful noises. Our virtually indestructible ear defenders feature 9 fashionable colours and prints plus offer great noise reduction for active babies and kids. Jippies ear defenders are suitable for 12 months + but will fit all children up until teenagers.

Whether your children are at the playground, theme park, concert, movie theatre, band practise, car races, rodeo, fireworks display, helping with household chores or outdoor projects, or taking an airplane on holiday, Jippies hearing defenders give them the protection they need. More than a third of all hearing loss is attributed to noise and is completely preventable!


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