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Gertie the Good Goose

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100% Safe Teething Toy

All natural rubber teething toy

Award winning product

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PTPA Parent, 2016

My baby loves her! It is nuts how much he loves Gertie! - S.A, 2016

My 8 month year old is teething right now and LOVES Gertie. He loves to chew on his nose and especially his feet. Gertie is also really easy for him to hold as it grips right in his hand. As soon as I push on Gertie there is a squeaking sound and [my baby boy] immediately wants to chew on it. He also had other teething animals but I was always worried that he was going to choke on their legs but with Gertie there is nothing for him to choke on so I feel very comfortable giving it to him. I like how bright the mouth and feet are as it grabs his attention right away. I will definitely recommend Gertie to all my friends with babies. 

Gertie the Good Goose

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